Brett Ednie, D.C.


Dr. Brett Ednie completed his undergraduate education at the University of Penn State in Hazleton where he competed in both baseball and basketball. After graduating with his bachelor's degree and helping his team break records, he spent eight years in the fitness industry actively working with clients to help them meet their health and athletic goals. It was during this time that Dr. Ednie discovered his passion for helping people with pain relief and debilitating injuries. He then decided to enroll in Parker University where he would earn his doctor of chiropractic degree. While at Parker University, Dr. Ednie served as class president, received an award for research excellence, and exhibited outstanding leadership skills. During his clinical internship, Dr. Ednie specialized in chiropractic medicine for sports and spent his final trimester at the Dallas VA hospital.

At The Wellness Institute of Dallas, Dr. Ednie provides advanced chiropractic care, flexion-distraction techniques, soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation, athletic injury recovery, and works with patients to maximize their physical performance. Dr. Ednie was raised in Hazleton, PA and spent several years in northern Virginia before relocating to Dallas to pursue his chiropractic education and career. In his free time, he enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying active by lifting weights, swimming, and running.


"I’ve seen chiropractors off and on for years but Dr. Ednie has been the most successful at keeping me running. I’m on my feet all day, workout 6-7 days a week and participate in both running races and obstacle course races. If I didn’t come to the Wellness Center I wouldn’t be able to train at the level I do and would probably have had an injury or two at some point. Dr. Ednie doesn’t just do a generic adjustment and call it a day, but checks with how I’m feeling, what’s happening with my training and asks if there’s anything I think I need worked on."



"Dr. Brett Ednie and the the entire team at The Wellness Institute of Dallas are exceptional professionals who regularly go above and beyond for their clients. For overall wellness and functional health, no one does it better. Attentive, thorough, and proactive health care that examines all aspects of health, not just quick fixes."



"I highly recommend Dr. Ednie and Dr. Rayner at the Wellness Institute of Dallas! Not only have they helped me personally with Chiropractic Adjustments and Functional Medicine, I’ve trusted them with all my clients. They truly listen and look at the root of the problem, rather than just surface level. I trust the entire staff wholeheartedly!"



"I have been seeing Dr. Ednie for prenatal care since I was 6 months pregnant. He has successfully helped me avoid sciatica, which I had with my prior two pregnancies, and kept me mobile and active throughout. The knowledge and atmosphere of the entire clinic is upbeat and positive, and I can't recommend them enough."



"Dr Ednie has helped alleviate my knee pain tremendously. Four training sessions with Dr. Ednie helped strengthen the muscles and tendons around the knee, hips, back and over leg which has made such a difference in the quality of my life. I do not have to avoid stairs anymore!!! He also recommended a supplement to reduce inflammation for a well rounded plan in avoiding surgery. I drive from Plano and highly recommend Dr. Ednie and the entire staff at the Wellness Institute of Dallas."



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