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Over the years, we have been honored to receive wonderful feedback from our clients. To figure out if our team at The Wellness Institute of Dallas is a good match for your unique situation and needs, we welcome you to read through our testimonials and envision the care you could receive at our Dallas, TX facility.

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Review from C.W.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 19, 2020

I’ve been a patient of Dr Raynor’s since before Wellness Institute. Dr Raynor and Dr Nutt are brilliant and always get me aligned correctly and out of pain! There are many cutting edge wellness services available. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very caring. I’ve never had a better full body massage than with Albert or Jose! More

Review from D.N.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 19, 2020

Dr Rayner and Dr Nutt are amazing at helping with alternative approaches to health and wellness issues. Dr Rayner gave me a blood test and then great supplements to support my deficiencies. Dr Nutt helped me deal with PTSD that occurred when I was a professional equestrian from falls. I never knew how several concussions created eye tracking and PTSD issues. They are resolving along with supplementation support and eye exercises. Also, have had some great Choropractic adjustments and Dr Rayner and his staff are very through, professional, and spend time with me. Amazing health care providers!! More

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