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Modern laser technology has been revolutionized for many different areas of patient care, including aesthetics, pain management, wound healing, and more. At The Wellness Institute of Dallas, our team employs advanced technology that can be used in different ways to help women and men achieve a rejuvenated look, reduce inflammation, address minor injuries, or even close up stubborn wounds for individuals with diabetes. Cold laser therapy is called such because it uses low-intensity energy to stimulate the skin without raising its temperature. Our skilled chiropractors in Highland Park know how to tailor this therapy to meet your needs and help you see results.


Our Dallas, TX office utilizes the Avant LZ30 to target many issues, including tissue damage, musculoskeletal injuries, and neurological problems. This technology could also be used for aesthetic and skin rejuvenation purposes, as well as inflammation management, pain reduction, and wound healing. Since the energy levels used during this treatment are so mild, you won't feel any sort of heating sensation from the device. When the light energy from the laser is focused on your tissues, it is absorbed and stimulates a regeneration process.

Cold Laser Therapy FAQ

Is cold laser therapy safe and does it really work?

More than 4,000 clinical studies have demonstrated the safety and positive effects of cold laser therapy, winning its approval by the FDA to treat a wide variety of conditions from relieving pain and improving joint mobility to helping wounds heal faster and rejuvenating the skin.

Is cold laser therapy painful?

No, it’s not and it doesn’t hurt. Cold laser therapy uses low-intensity laser energy in its treatments. Most patients only feel a slight warming sensation during their treatment sessions.

How quickly does cold laser therapy work?

Cold laser therapy works very quickly for most patients. Many have seen results in as little as 1 — 3 days for minor conditions and about 3 weeks to a month for more serious ones. Generally, most patients will see a 30 — 50% improvement after a month.


Cold laser therapy is an all-around comfortable treatment that can be used in a variety of ways to help our patients. Our chiropractors at The Wellness Institute of Dallas make it a point to stay at the forefront of contemporary medical solutions. Reach out to our office in Dallas, TX to find out if low-intensity laser therapy could be an excellent option for your needs.

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