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Our team works with each patient on an individual basis to understand their unique needs and get to the root of their issues.

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Personalized Chiropractic Care

Understanding your body is the key to targeting the issues behind your pain and limited mobility.

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Our patients matter! Hear what they say about the difference we have made in their lives.

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The Premier Functional Medicine and Neurology Clinic.

Ideal Candidates for Our Wellness Treatments

Many of our patients have spent countless years being put through the medical ringer in an attempt to find a solution to their ailments. Unfortunately, this can often be a fruitless search that leads to nothing but frustration. However, at The Wellness Institute of Dallas, our staff is incredibly experienced in helping these patients find treatments to resolve their pain or illness. While these treatments often require lifestyle changes, their results are unlike anything else in the field of medicine. If the traditional approach to medicine has been largely unhelpful for you, consider contacting us today to learn more about our wellness treatments.

Our Providers

The Wellness Institute of Dallas is honored to feature a skilled and compassionate team of chiropractors and other health professionals who prioritize patient comfort and care above all else. We have over eight years of experience and specialty training in concussions, making us one of the premiere wellness facilities in all of Dallas, TX. Using their unique skill sets and committment to personalized care, each of our specialists is able to identify the root cause of your pain and use advanced techniques to alleviate your discomfort.

Chiropractic medicine involves a wide range of holistic, nonsurgical techniques to improve the function of your mind and body, as well as the relationships between the different body systems. We also offer aesthetic treatments to heal and rejuvenate the skin including microneedling and cold laser therapy.

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“Health you can feel, care you deserve”


"We travel all the way from west of Fort Worth to go to the Wellness Institute of Dallas. Our whole family has received treatment there for several personal complaints and we always consider them because we keep getting fantastic results. We get regular chiropractic care and we are also getting some neurological therapy, We appreciate Dr. Nutt and all the staff at their facility. They treat us for overall health, and treat us individually and appropriately! I have recommended this practice to friends and coworkers, and I am doing the same for you too. You will probably find, as we do that you will always come away with just the treatment you need and a little good health practical knowledge with every visit."



"Professional, caring & welcoming, the staff is skilled and friendly, and every interaction feels personalized. Top-notch care with genuine warmth and attention to our needs."



"Great place to go for chiropractic and functional medicine."



"Dr. Nutt and the team are amazing! I have never had a doctor so determined to help me. I have seen multiple different doctors for my issues and he is by far the most knowledgeable and eager to get me feeling better. Thank you!"



"Great experience!"




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